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English for Educators

Hello, Educators!

My English for Educators sessions will help you maximise your students’ progress and enhance your teaching experience. I love working with teachers from diverse countries and education systems

CLIL is now a feature of many primary, secondary and tertiary education programmes around the globe. Most of my teacher clients teach business and entrepreneurship related subjects.

Expect to:

  • boost your confidence 
  • increase your fluency
  • polish your pronunciation
  • expand your business English vocabulary
  • create dynamic classroom activities 
  • mixed needs groups with ease
  • acquire valuable resources and materials
  • grow your range of classroom management phrases
Sara Helm

Looking forward to meeting you!


Contact me

Free personal consultation

Tell me about your personal goals

Expert British teacher

I’ve coached thousands of  English language learners, trained hundreds of teachers, published dozens of web materials and a few books.

Customised course

Your English for Educators course with me will be unique to you.

Effective methods

I will teach you the fastest and easiest ways to reach your teaching goals and improve your English.

Tailor-made materials

I use materials that fit your learning needs; including those you wish to bring from your teaching.

Constructive feedback

Empathy is key.

Course report

I’m happy to provide a personalised report.

How we meet

Zoom, Signal, WhatsApp, etc. Video or audio, as convenient.

Thirty-minute lessons

We can take multiple lessons together, as suits you.

Single lesson – 30 minutes: £25
Five lessons – 2.5 hours: £100
Ten lessons – 5 hours: £150

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