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Hello, fellow EFL teachers and trainers!

The Cert IBET course is ideal if you wish to start working with business, technical and professional English learners; or consolidate your existing experience. Years ago, I did the TIEB, a precursor to the Cert IBET, so I can fully recommend it.  I think the most useful outcome was a clear understanding of the potential syllabus structure and its subcomponents. That made planning courses and eventually creating my own materials so much easier!

By the end of the course you will be able to work effectively with a wide range of individual learners or groups from different types of organisations. This includes: designing a relevant syllabus; selecting, adapting and/or designing engaging content; adopting relevant delivery methods, approaches and techniques; dealing with feedback, assessment and course sponsors.

“This [Cert IBET] course has made me see Business English (teaching) in a whole new light.” Sylvia, Oman

Many working people will need one or more of the core skills, such as email writing, presenting or participating in meetings. They will also need to handle a range of situations. These might be as basic as arranging appointments or as complex as leading an international negotiation. However they communicate,  interpersonal and intercultural competences will be essential.

“EMB’s approach is friendly, professional and stimulating. ” Vijay, Austria

The online course timings are very flexible! Start the IBET course almost any week of the year and study at your own pace for up to six months.

The 55 course hours are divided between tutorials and preparation activities. We simply schedule tutorials when you have time and have completed any relevant offline work. Much the course will be tailored to your specific teaching situation.

Course materials are accessed via the EMB website and we meet on Zoom, WhatsApp, etc, as suits.

I’m always available to answer questions and guide you in between tutorials so there’s nothing to stop your continuing professional development fitting into your busy life.

Small groups are possible if you have compatible availability.

Feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat, to find out more about the course. To apply, please send a short C.V. or description of your teaching experience. You will find the entry requirements below.

Sara Helm

Looking forward to meeting you!


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Cert IBET Qualification

The course leads to the internationally recognised Certificate in International Business English Training qualification, managed by English UK. 

To gain the Cert IBET qualification, after the course you have 12 weeks to submit a 4000-word final assignment. This is marked by me and moderated by an English UK examiner.

Click here to read the four IBET final assignment questions which will be thoroughly expanded and explained on the course.


Entry Requirements

  • Cert Tesol / CELTA or similar (local) EFL teaching qualification (digital copy of certificate needed) 
  • 480 hours English language teaching experience or fewer hours with relevant business experience
  • C1+ level of English
  • Useful but not required – a small amount of business or ESP teaching experience

Course Fee


Assignment Fee

£180 – Includes personal assignment tutorial

Course Modules

  1. Business English Definitions
  2. Concepts and Language in BE
  3. Needs Analysis and Research
  4. Materials and Resources
  5. Methods, Approaches and Techniques
  6. Syllabus Design and Course Planning
  7. Business Communications Skills 1 (Spoken)
  8. Business Communications Skills 2 (Written)
  9. Internationalism
  10. Assessment and Evaluation
  11. Professional Development

Certificate in International Business English Training (Cert IBET) – managed and validated by English UK.

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