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Online Cert IBET 

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The EMB Online Cert IBET is a 55-hour individual trainer training course that develops your ability to design and deliver Business English training specifically adapted to your learners’ needs. It leads to the internationally recognised Cert IBET qualification, managed by English UK and validated by LanguageCert (PeopleCert). 

How do I gain the English UK / Language Cert IBET qualification?

On successful completion of the course, candidates are invited to submit a 4000-word (plus appendices) final assignment to gain the qualification. This is marked by EMB and moderated by a LanguageCert examiner. Click on the link to find out more about the IBET assignment questions.

What are the course timings?

Here comes our USP…

Even though EnglishMeansBusiness offers a fully tutor-mediated course that allows a generous amount of time for personal tutorials, you can start the course when you like and continue it flexibly for up to twelve months.

There is no fixed time or day for tutorials. We simply schedule the next tutorial when you are ready for it. No pressure. There’s nothing to stop your continuing professional development from fitting into your busy life.

In our experience of delivering the IBET, this has proved invaluable for many of our participants, due to their changing circumstances during the course: changing jobs, moving countries, other studies, the odd pandemic…. 

Some participants hurtle through the course at an impressive pace; others plod happily, and almost all need to take a break or two along the way.


‘’This course has made me see Business English (teaching) in a whole new light.”  -Sylvia Ellbec – Oman

How do we meet?

We use virtual technologies such as Zoom and WhatsApp or Signal, as appropriate for our course sessions.

Will I receive course materials?

Yes, you will receive a substantial body of course materials, many of which are now delivered in a smartphone-friendly way, as this has proved convenient for some of our past course participants.

We also include resources you could use in your lessons, as well as links to the major Business English and English for Specific Purposes publishers and some of their sample resources.

The course materials will prompt you to answer a series of questions, either before or during your next tutorial, as appropriate.

Course Fee – 50% discount in 2022!

Small groups of up to three may attend. 

Single participant £900 450

Two-person group £1500 750

Three-person group £2000 1000

Assignment Fee

£180 per candidate (including personal assignment tutorial) 

How will I benefit from the IBET course?

By the end of the course you will have increased confidence in assessing how to work effectively with any individual learner or group. Selection of content, flexibility in teaching methods, approaches and techniques plus the feedback and assessment process will all be part of the mix. So the techniques you learn on this course will be immediately applicable, whoever you are teaching.

“EMB’s approach is friendly, professional and stimulating. ” – Vijay Chavda, Austria

Entry Requirements


  • An initial teaching qualification such as the Trinity College London Certifcate in TESOL or local equivalent
  • At least one year’s ELT teaching experience – a year being a minimum of 480 teaching hours
  • A current C1+ / C2 level of English 

Also Advisable:

Due to the highly practical nature of the final assignment, a small amount of experience of teaching Business English or English for Specific Purposes is very helpful. 

How to apply

When you’ve read the full set of course details on this page, please send a short C.V. to Course Leader Sara Helm 

Briefly describe your qualifications and teaching experience, plus any business, technical, legal or administrative work experience, because it could be useful on your course. We will discuss this further when we have our first chat. A digital copy of your teaching certificate will be required later. 

What do we mean by English for the Business English Learner?

Over the years of delivering the IBET and similar courses, we’ve often been asked this question.

What we really mean is English for almost any adult working in the public or private sector, regardless of field, function or level.

Many working people will need one or more of the core skills, such as email writing, presenting or participating in meetings. They will also need to handle a range of situations. These might be as basic as arranging appointments or as complex as leading an international negotiation.

Doing business internationally also requires interpersonal and intercultural competences.

As teachers and trainers we discover which exact skills and scenarios will be relevant by conducting a thorough needs analysis of our learner’s field or industry, department and specific role.

Course Modules

1 Business English Definitions
2 Concepts and Language in BE
3 Needs Analysis and Research
4 Materials and Resources
5 Methods, Approaches and Techniques
6 Syllabus Design and Course Planning
7 Business Communications Skills 1
8 Business Communications Skills 2
9 Internationalism
10 Assessment and Evaluation

Certificate in International Business English Training (Cert IBET) – managed and validated by English UK and Language Cert

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