Cert IBET Assignment Questions

The total word count for all assignment rubrics is 3500 – 4000 words excluding appendices. Candidates must choose one of the four titles. All assignments require a profile of a group or individual learner. This profile may be based on an actual group or individual or a hypothetical one. 

Question One

1 Provide a profile of an individual business English learner, or group of learners, at a level with which you are familiar

2 Design a 30 hour scheme of work for this group or individual

3 Provide a rationale for your scheme of work


Question Two

1 Select and adapt and/or develop a set of materials for a six hour segment of a business English programme. Relate your materials to an individual business English learner or group or learners at a level of your choice

2 Provide an outline lesson plan for the six hours indicating the language focus, skills and/or purposes that the materials will support

3 Provide a rationale for your choice of materials and their exploitation


Question Three

You are training a small group of professionals, or an individual, of a type and level defined by you who will be part of an overseas trade delegation.

1 Select ONE business communication skill from the Cert IBET course syllabus and outline what aspects of this skill you would teach to this group or individual

2 Critically evaluate the methods, approaches, techniques and resources that you would use to deliver the training

3 Show how you would incorporate an awareness of cultural intelligence into your programme


Question Four

You have been asked by a company of your choice to submit a written proposal for a ten hour business English programme for a group of learners within that company.

1 Provide a profile of the company and of the specified group

2 What would be the structure of your written proposal and what would be the key elements within it?

3 How would you maximise your chances of having your proposal accepted?

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