Blended Cert IBET

Blended Cert IBET

The EMB Blended Cert IBET is a 55-hour blended-learning trainer training course which develops your ability to design and deliver Business English training specifically adapted to your learners’ needs.

We love welcoming clients to our beautiful city; however, for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19, we will be offering online courses only. 

The blended format is particularly useful for teachers who wish to combine a group course with a longer flexible period in which to assimilate their learning. 

Part One

Part One is delivered in the UNESCO city of Bath over one week (27 hours). The course takes place in a comfortable and elegant training location that provides wifi and refreshments.

‘Thought provoking. Took me to the next level in my career  – and it’s already paying off’. Patryk Palaszewski, Poland

Part Two

Part Two is delivered online and can be completed entirely at your own pace for up to six months (28 hours). It consists of five written tasks on aspects of course planning that will give you the opportunity to practice writing in an IBET assignment-relevant way. To support this, we deliver materials over a very user-friendly learning platform, offering personal support and feedback throughout.

How do I gain the Language Cert Cert IBET qualification?

On successful completion of the course, candidates are invited to submit a 4000-word (plus appendices) final assignment to gain the qualification. This is marked by EMB and moderated by a Language Cert examiner.

Course Modules

1 Business English Definitions
2 Concepts and Language in BE
3 Needs Analysis and Research
4 Materials and Resources
5 Methods, Approaches and Techniques
6 Syllabus Design and Course Planning
7 Business Communications Skills 1
8 Business Communications Skills 2
9 Internationalism
10 Assessment and Evaluation

2020 Course Start Dates (Part 1)

In reality, due to vastly differing timetables, most teachers end up choosing the online option; however, we have requests for a blended course later in the year and welcome further applications. 

We will work to find a mutually convenient week.

Course Fee

£900 / €1200

This doesn’t include accommodation.

Assignment Fee

£180 (including personal assignment tutorial)

What does the final assignment involve?

Before you start IBET assignment writing, we’ll offer you a personal assignment tutorial. You will then have a further 3 months in which to submit your 4000-word assignment.

There is a choice of 4 questions, which you can find at the link here. For most of these, planning a course for a specific learner or group of learners is the main task. This also involves providing credible learner profiles and a comprehensive rationale of methods, approaches and techniques for the course (or portion of it) that you present.

How will I benefit from the course?

By the end of the course you will have increased confidence in assessing how to work effectively with any individual learner or group. Selection of content, flexibility in teaching methods, approaches and techniques plus the feedback and assessment process will all be part of the mix. So the techniques you learn on this course will be immediately applicable, whoever you are teaching.

Entry Requirements


  • An initial teaching qualification such as the Trinity College London Certifcate in TESOL or local equivalent
  • At least one year’s ELT teaching experience – a year being a minimum of 480 teaching hours
  • A current C1+ / C2 level of English 

Highly Advisable:

Due to the highly practical nature of the final assignment:

  • A minimum of 40 hours of business English training experience
  • Access to business English learners and resources 

How to apply

When you’ve read the full set of course details on this page, simply email Course Leader Sara Helm so we can send you an application form.

You’ll need to provide a digital copy of your teaching certificate before the course and may be required to prove that your current level of English is adequate in view of the demands of both the course and the final assignment.


As a popular tourist destination, Bath offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit all tastes. Some of our course participants like to find their own accommodation and others stay with one of our lovely host families. You can find our accommodation pages here.

What do we mean by English for the Business English Learner?

Over the years of delivering the IBET and similar courses, we’ve often been asked this question.

What we really mean is English for almost any adult working in the public or private sector, regardless of field, function or level, not just English for marketing or finance!

Many working people will need one or more of the core skills, such as email writing, presenting or participating in meetings. They’ll also need to handle a range of scenarios. This might be as basic as arranging appointments or as complex as leading a formal international negotiation.

Doing business internationally also requires interpersonal and intercultural competences.

As teachers / trainers we discover which exact skills and scenarios will be relevant by conducting a thorough needs analysis of our learner’s field or industry,department and specific role.

Do I need experience of teaching business English learners?

We cover all the essential aspects of planning and teaching Business English courses on the IBET course; however, since the assignment requires you to plan a course for a specific learner or group of learners, based on a thorough needs analysis, experience of and access to relevant learners is extremely useful during the distance/assignment writing part!

If you don’t have this experience before you start the course, we’ll do our best to help you find relevant learners.

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