Executive Intensive

Executive Intensive in Bath

“Exceeded all expectiations!”

Barbara Matuska, BNP Parisbas


Our Executive Intensive courses are for business, technical and professional people. We aim to increase the effectiveness of your international business communication skills.

For photos of Bath, visit our English Language Holiday page.


Executive Intensive (English) @ www.englishmeansbusiness.uk
Executive Intensive (English) @ www.englishmeansbusiness.uk


 Your Professional Goals


The specific skills you wish to improve will depend entirely on your work role.

You might need to lead a team from a very different culture, bid for an international contract, or welcome overseas visitors. Your focus might be on developing speaking skills for a presentation or a negotiation, writing work reports, or understanding spoken English.

Whatever your goals, EMB will help you to develop your international business communication skills in English. We are experts in designing and customising Executive Intensive courses to meet the requirements of a vast range of careers. 

Your Specific Needs

When you book your Executive Intensive course, we carry out a thorough needs analysis of your specific learning goals in order to tailor-make your course. We also advise you on the best way to prepare for it.


At the end of your course, we reassess your English language skills and provide you with a comprehensive course report demonstrating the progress you have made. We also advise you on how to consolidate your learning. Progress is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference Scale and corresponding ‘Can Do’ statements. 

EMB Executive Intensive graphic
Executive Intensive (English) @ www.englishmeansbusiness.uk

Programmes, Dates and Timings

Executive Intensive courses can be booked most weeks of the year except for the Christmas period.

Course fees are based on a five day week (Monday to Friday) but tailor-made schedules and Saturday tuition can be provided on request. Most training days begin at 9.15.

A 40 hour programme consists of: 30 hours of lessons + 10 hours of social contact with EMB staff + homework

A 35 hour programme consists of: 25 hours of lessons + 10 hours of social contact with EMB staff + homework

One to One Executive Intensive Course B1-C1

A one to one course is perfect for focussing on your own specific needs. 

40 hour programme: £1950 / €2600 per participant        

35 hour programme: £1700 / €2300 per participant 

One to Two Executive Intensive Course B1-C1

A one to two course is ideal for two colleagues who need to work together on a specific project, develop the same skill, or focus on their particular market or company. Both participants should have a broadly similar level of English.

40 hour programme: £965 / €1300 per participant        

35 hour programme:£888 / €1200 per participant 

Small Group Executive Intensive Course B1-C1 

Intensive small group courses appeal to departments, teams and project partnerships. Group activities can be tailored to suit a particular theme or a set of skills to be developed. Ideally, participants have a similar level of English.

40 Hour Programme

Three to four participants: €900 / £650 per participant         Five to six participants: €700 / £500 per participant

Extra Contact Hours

In such a beautiful city, there are many cultural and sightseeing opportunities. We will spend 10 extra social hours with you. Activities depend on your particular interests…and the weather!

For photos of some of the cultural and day trip activities in or near Bath, please click here English Language Holiday 


Typical Lunchtime Activities

  • lunch at a Bath café or restaurant

  • sandwich and a guided history tour of Bath
  • canal walk to Bathampton Mill for lunch, river boat trip with history commentary back to Bath


A little 'me time' for one of our Executive Intensive clients at the Bath Pump Rooms @ www.englishmeansbusiness.uk
A little ‘me time’ for one of our Executive Intensive clients at the Bath Pump Rooms @ www.englishmeansbusiness.uk
Canal in Bath @ www.englishmeansbusiness.uk
Canal in Bath @ www.englishmeansbusiness.uk

Typical Evening Activities

  • pub dinner and guided history tour of Bath 

  • dinner at a country pub, just outside Bath

  • dinner and theatre – Theatre Royal, Bath hosts many plays from the West End, London



Our friendly host families have comfortable homes within easimage of English Means Business Host Familyy walk of the centre of Bath and your training location. They are always excellent cooks! 

Alternatively, we can help you to find a bed and breakfast, hotel or apartment. Bath is a popular tourist destination so early booking for any type of accommodation is recommended, especially in the summer months. 

Host family dinner, bed and breakfast costs £320 / €440 for 5-7 nights  or £640 / €880 for 8-14 nights. 

Booking Terms and Conditions

Unless we have a special arrangement for your company, we invoice for courses one month before the start of a course. There is a €75 / £55 booking fee for all Executive Intensive courses.  

Young Learners

If you wish to bring your children to learn English in Bath while you take your Executive Intensive course at EMB, you will find some information about courses for children aged 7-18 on our Young Learners page. Please contact us directly with your enquiry as soon as possible. We will do our best to organise a course for your children.