Erasmus English for Business Studies Teachers

Erasmus English for Business Studies Teachers

The English for Business Studies Teachers Erasmus course is eligible for Erasmus KA1 staff mobility funding. It is aimed at two types of teacher:

  • teachers of business-related subjects
  • English for business teachers
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Download our English for Business Studies Teachers course factsheet here.

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Erasmus English for Business Studies Course

for teachers who teach, or will shortly teach, one or more of the following business-related subjects through the English language:

  • Business Studies

  • Economics

  • Politics

  • Accounting and Finance

As a teacher of business studies or related subject:

  • You teach in an upper secondary school or college.
  • Your learners are 15+ but below undergraduate level.

Course Outcomes

  • Improve your delivery of business lessons in English.
  • Develop your language of instruction and classroom management.
  • Enlarge your business English vocabulary. 
  • Broaden your key business functional language. 

You will be invited to teach one or more lessons!


Erasmus English for Business Studies Course

for teachers who teach English for Business:

  • Your learners are likely to be studying business/admin/technical subjects in their L1.
  • You teach them English for their subject.

Course Outcomes

  • Broaden your business and economic vocabulary.
  • Develop your understanding of business studies and related subjects.
  • Improve your awareness of  key business functional language and concepts.
  • Take away a set of Business English activities and warmers!

If you wish to develop your teaching skills for for teaching English to adult / young adult learners we recommend two of our other courses, depending on your level of experience.

Erasmus English for Business Studies Course

Course Overview

This twenty-five hour programme runs from 09.30 – 15.30 over five days in the beautiful UNESCO city of Bath, UK.  

The course is delivered in a spacious and comfortable centrally located training facility that provides wifi access, breakout areas and free refreshments. 

Full feedback is given on teaching sessions to feed into further lessons. Please email us at to arrange a Whatsapp call for further information from the Course Director. 

Course Content

Information exchange – teaching in our institutions

Language of instruction

Grammar for business English

Functional language and concepts

Business vocabulary development

Pronunciation and delivery

Teaching sessions with full feedback

Free activity takeaways!

Erasmus English for Business Studies Course

2018 Dates

March 12-16

2019 Dates

March 18-22

We recommend booking at least 8 weeks before the start of a course.

Additional dates for closed groups can be arranged. 

Please note – our host families provide a high quality service and are in short supply. Early booking is recommended. 

Course Fee

1 week €590      

This does not include accommodation. See below. 

Entry Requirement

CEFR High B2/C1 level of English

Apply for the English for Business Studies Teachers course

Contact us at

PIC number: 920212229

 Erasmus Documentation

We’ ll provide your teaching institution with the necessary course information to complete its Erasmus documentation on receipt of course fees. Please bring documents for EMB to sign.

At the end of the course you will also receive an EMB English for Business Studies Teachers course certificate.


We’ll send you a pre-course questionnaire to complete. 

Brush up your language skills at

If you wish to stay with one of our host families (see below) we’ll also send you a host family questionnaire to get the best match. 

Course Materials

Handouts will be provided. Course slides, games and other free takeaway activities will be available on our learning platform after the course. We’ll sign you up to it while you are in Bath.

Participating teachers should provide materials for their own teaching lessons. 

Cultural Visits

EMB can help participants to plan and book evening and weekend cultural activities to enhance their cultural experience and promote the use of English outside the classroom.

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image of English Means Business Host FamilyStay with one of our friendly host families to give you the ‘total immersion’ experience! A host family stay guarantees you an authentic taste of Bath life and provides the opportunity for conversation and friendship building.  

Our host family charge is £320 / €400 for up to 7 nights. This includes breakfast and dinner every day.

Alternatively, we can help you to find a bed and breakfast, hotel, apartment or hostel. Any accommodation is a short walk from your EMB English course training premises.

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