Business English Online


“I now feel more confident about working in London. Thank you for your kindness and professional communication coaching.”

Marta, Czech Republic


Our tele-conferencing lessons are a most convenient and  flexible learning solution for busy learners. Lessons are 100% customised to your specific needs. We give full feedback, an optional set of self-study tasks and will provide you with a recording of each lesson if you wish. 

We’ve given you a few ideas below, to get you started.  


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  • Accent Reduction

  • Business Networking and Socialising

  • Business Vocabulary Building

  • Business Writing

  • Grammar for Business

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Interviewing

  • Leading Meetings

  • Negotiating

  • Participating in Meetings

  • Presenting

  • Telephoning and Teleconferencing

  • English for Finance

  • English for Human Resources

  • English for Marketing

  • English for Leadership and Team Building

  • English for Engineering

  • English for Quality Management

Fees, Terms and Conditions

A one-hour lesson costs £40. Lessons and are booked in courses of ten. 

To discuss your english language learning needs and do a level check, contact us at


Business Writing

Make 2016 the year to perfect your business writing.

Send us your writing for full feedback at £20 per 500 words. 


“In ten lessons, already report writing is much easier for me :-)” Alexei, Russia